Monday, April 2, 2012

The Natural Way To Prevent Or Recover From Cancer

Sick people everywhere. According to studies made, - in the 60 - 70s, one in 3,000 could become sick with some form of cancer. Now it is one in three. What happened? A U.N. study on Longevity shows Japan in #1 position, Spain #6, Canada #11, Cuba #37 and the USA #38. What happened?
Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, in his book, "Alkalize or Die", states that the world is facing the largest health crisis in recorded history. We have become acidic from the air we breathe, the processed food we eat, the fertilizers and pesticides we use to grow our fruits and vegetables, the artificially fattened chicken, cows and hogs, the sodas we drink and many other factors.
A predominantly vegetable and less meat diet, sufficient exercise and enough sleep is not enough. Considering that we are made up of over 70% water or fluids, we need to consider the kind of water we drink. Medical talk shows, take up all parts of our anatomy, but I really have not heard any medical personality talk about the "right" kind of water. It would seem that water is water. Three years ago, I found out that there are very different kinds of water.
The Solution.
Bottled water is not the answer. They are acidic. What we need is Ionized Alkaline water. Why? Ionized water uses a process called electrolysis, whereby tap water is fed into a kitchen-top portable machine which first filters the water and then passes the water through at least seven (7) - 5 x 7 inches of 99% pure Titanium plates which are micro-plated with 99% pure Platinum. These are wired to 230 watts of continuous power.
The process of passing water of the seven plates which is electrically charged with 230 watts of electricity, - splits the water into the Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging, Alkaline part and the Acidic part. The Anti-Oxidant water is the key to our being able to stay healthy or to prevent the recurrence of cancer!

How do we do that? Simple. We drink 8 - 10 glass of the Anti-Oxidant Ionize water. This split water goes after the free radicals in our system.
The Anti-Oxidant water (split water) donates an electron to the free radical and it calms down the free radicals and stops it from wrecking havoc to the cells of our body. The Ionized Alkaline water also keeps the cells in our prostate, colon, pancreas, breast of women and elsewhere from evolving into bacteria, fungi, yeast and even cancer cells. We call this the PREVENTION of disease including cancer from getting a foothold in our system!
REMISSION/Recovery: In the event a person is a Cancer Survivor, the Ionized Alkaline water is said to de-evolve the cancerous cells in his/her body into its original healthy state. See Robert O. Young, PhD book, "The pH Miracle". It is an eye-opening book. We call this event, cancer went on remission.
My Experience.
In 2009, I was introduced to the concepts of Wellness by a close friend who lives in Houston. I had no health issues then and now, thank God, but I listened to him without rolling my eyes. To make a long story short, I then understood what alkaline water is all about. I discovered that tap water is even healthier than the acidic bottled water. We tested it with pH drops.
I then invested in my first alkaline water producing device which was manufactured by a 35 year old Japanese Company. (This device produces Alkaline water, but does not split the water).
Then, seven months ago, I learned of the Ionized Alkaline Water producing machine which splits the water as described earlier. My eyes opened wide and immediately recognized the merits of the Anti Oxidant, Anti Aging properties. I acquired a unit much like a health insurance policy for my family and myself.
The machine is manufactured by a 38 year old Japanese Company. All parts are manufactured in-house and there are over 400,000 users of the machine worldwide.
Cancer Survivors
I was catching up with the Twitter postings of my group last night and thought about searching for "cancer survivors". A good number of names and even a Youtube of two survivors came up. I read through their brief bio and it was heart wrenching.
My advice to cancer survivors, which includes me, is - drink the Ionized Alkaline water to stay in remission. I invested in the machine (model SD501) as insurance to prevent the recurrence of cancer in my body.
I had prostate cancer in 2001. I want to keep the cells in my body swimming in Ionized Alkaline water. Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD, in his book, "The pH Miracle" states that diseases cannot thrive or live in an alkaline environment. Disease thrive in acidic systems.
My conclusion is that - if I keep the fluid in my system Alkaline, then the healthy cells in my body will not evolve to bacteria, fungi, yeast or worst, cancer cells. And as Dr. Young states, in an alkaline environment, the cancer cells will de-evolve into its original healthy state.
I invested in my first alkaline water producing device three years ago. The second Ionized Alkaline Water producing machine, I acquired seven months ago. I am a prostate cancer survivor and therefore maybe more motivated than others.
I want you to be able to make an intelligent decision as to whether to invest in a machine model SD501 or not. If you search in the web, you will find many companies and models. I have checked the specs and company reliability and decided on the model SD501 of Enagic Company, a 38 year old company.
I chose the model SD501 which is manufactured in-house by Enagic Company of Japan. There are over 400,000 units in use worldwide.
Please note that I am not selling above item to you. All I did was tell you my story. It will be up to you and your spouse to decide whether to invest in your health or not.

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