Friday, May 11, 2012

Effective Cancer Awareness Giveaways Maximize Budgets

Organizations that support research and fundraising for causes such as breast cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer and other initiatives use events such as walks and runs to raise awareness and funds. Usually working on a limited budget, event planners are forced to scrutinize every dollar spent. Between venue costs, insurance and public relations, the budget can be strapped when it comes to distributing thank you gifts to participants and awareness reminders to attendees. Custom printed promotional products allow planners to maximize their budgets, making the most out of the allocated resources. The value of promotional products is based on a number of factors; sponsor advertising, viral marketing and donor reward.
Sponsor Advertising - Promotional items used for cancer awareness events can be custom printed with slogans, logos and most important of all, sponsor advertisements. Organizers can supplement the purchase of items such as t-shirts, tote bags and other large format promotions by selling off portions of the imprint area to sponsors. The revenue generated may even surpass the cost of the promotional giveaways, creating additional budget for the event or enhance the contribution from the donors.

20 Best Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer can be cured with a nutritious diet of anti-oxidant foods and nutrients.There are so many foods that fight cancer. The following are some of the best ones.
  1. Beans: Beans have saponins in them, which make slow division of cancer cells. Soy beans have phytoastrogens in addition to saponins, which is good for preventing breast and prostate cancer.
  2. Berries: Berries have antioxidants and flavonoids which are anti cancer agents.
  3. Red grapes: Red grapes use bio flavonoids to counter the cancer causing agents. These grapes also shut off the valve that release tumorcausing enzymes.
  4. Green leafy vegetables: They have folic acid and fiber and are found to decrease Uro-digestive cancers such as mouth cancer, stomach cancer and colon cancer.

There Are Many Cures For Cancer But Mother Nature Owns Them All

The problem we have today is we have too much faith in our mainstream healthcare system. While this system is excellent for someone who's had an accident, but when it comes to self caused diseases like cancer it fails miserably. The reason being they are only treating symptoms with toxic therapies and not addressing the real problem of why the cancer first grew.
Cancer has many causes but it's mainly our wrong food choices and the ways we are now living that is mostly at fault. Of course there is not and never will be a drug or a treatment to solve that problem but only natural ways to remedy it. Don't believe your doctor when he tells you that removing cancer cures it because it doesn't. You must remove the reasons why it first grew and if you don't, it's only going to keep on growing.
Some of the successful treatments for cancer use our natural food as medicine and it is well known that all cruciferous vegetables have amazing cancer fighting properties. Other foods such as garlic, onions and chives will also help you become cancer free. Hippocrates, the founder of our health system stated "Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food" and the food he was talking about is that which is produced by nature and has not arrived in our shops via a factory.

Avoid Cancer: The Simple and Powerful Steps

Nearly all of us have been affected by the literal plague of cancer that has spread all over the world. Even if you haven't been diagnosed with this dreaded condition yourself, you surely know of at least a few friends or family members who have fought this malady.
And since this global killer shows no signs of stopping any time soon, it's important to take realistic, natural steps to avoid cancer. I'm not saying to avoid getting conventional medical treatments in all cancer cases; but I am saying that if you've been diagnosed with cancer, that you absolutely need to add these powerful steps to your treatment regimen.
The following steps will help you to avoid cancer, and they can potentially help to slow, or even reverse the aging process, increase energy levels and help your body to ward off a whole host of health problems.
Step 1: Detox

Kidney Cancer - My Personal Story

My name is Michael McDermott, and I would like to share with you how that God healed, and delivered me from the threat of death by an enemy called kidney cancer. I was 46 years old, in the middle of a Divorce and working long hours without properly eating and sleeping right. Stress, anger, and fatigue I believe, were all contributing factors to my physical condition. In retrospect, I had no noticeable signs that my body was fighting an internal war for my very life!
After working a 12 hour day I came home to a normal routine of cleaning up, eating a light snack, and heading off to bed to do it all again. All was good until about 3 in the morning; a severe cramping sensation pierced my right side extending all the way down to my groin area. After about 3 hours of walking around to relieve the pain, it finally subsided, in time for me to get ready to take my car for an oil change.
As I arrived at the shop, I realized that I had not used the bathroom since the night before. This was highly unusual since I drank water before bed and several cups of coffee that morning. I tried to force myself to use the restroom and after several minutes of nothing happening, a huge stream of blood and clots were passed through my urine. I was extremely frightened and at the urging of my friend/mechanic Bill Parson, I went immediately to my Doctor.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms and How It Affects the Body

Every year thousands of people die from cancer around the world. This disease affects different parts of the body including the bladder. In the United States alone, there are hundreds and thousands of cases of people with history of bladder cancer. Causes of the disease may vary from genetics to substances taken for a different health condition.
One of the most common bladder cancer causes recently recorded is the use of Actos. This is a drug used by people afflicted with Type II Diabetes. It controls your blood sugar and helps your body to better use the insulin it produces. It prevents unnecessary buildup of sugar in your bloodstream. While it helps people with diabetes in many ways, experts have found a link between the drug and bladder cancer. Symptoms of the fatal disease became more prevalent on those who used the drug in the past.
Pioglitazone or more known as the brand Actos, recently received a ban from the FDA. A few years ago, this medicine became a popular treatment for Type II Diabetes Mellitus. Today, you will not find the drug on the shelves of your local pharmacy store. While the research is continuous, many have died from the new disease they have acquired. Recent studies found that the risk of developing bladder cancer is 40% higher for people who regularly took the drug for two years.

How To Find A Best Oncologist?

Being diagnosed with any type of cancer is not good for anyone. If you are diagnosed with cancer, undoubtedly you will be sent to the medical specialist who is known as an oncologist. The specialists who can deal with cancers are oncologists.
There are few things you need to consider while choosing an oncologist:
• Search for an oncologist who is board certified. This is a sign that you are going to be treated by a person who is perfect in their competency and understanding in the field. The tests shown that you are dealing with cancer, which is dangerous, so search for only best instead of any other. There are different types of board certifications available such as medical oncologists are board certified in the internal medicine and have their sub specialization in medical oncology and radiation oncologists are board certified in the radiation oncology.
• It is the best way to choose your doctor based on his experience. The best sign is he's practicing oncology for fulltime.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Natural Way To Prevent Or Recover From Cancer

Sick people everywhere. According to studies made, - in the 60 - 70s, one in 3,000 could become sick with some form of cancer. Now it is one in three. What happened? A U.N. study on Longevity shows Japan in #1 position, Spain #6, Canada #11, Cuba #37 and the USA #38. What happened?
Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, in his book, "Alkalize or Die", states that the world is facing the largest health crisis in recorded history. We have become acidic from the air we breathe, the processed food we eat, the fertilizers and pesticides we use to grow our fruits and vegetables, the artificially fattened chicken, cows and hogs, the sodas we drink and many other factors.
A predominantly vegetable and less meat diet, sufficient exercise and enough sleep is not enough. Considering that we are made up of over 70% water or fluids, we need to consider the kind of water we drink. Medical talk shows, take up all parts of our anatomy, but I really have not heard any medical personality talk about the "right" kind of water. It would seem that water is water. Three years ago, I found out that there are very different kinds of water.
The Solution.
Bottled water is not the answer. They are acidic. What we need is Ionized Alkaline water. Why? Ionized water uses a process called electrolysis, whereby tap water is fed into a kitchen-top portable machine which first filters the water and then passes the water through at least seven (7) - 5 x 7 inches of 99% pure Titanium plates which are micro-plated with 99% pure Platinum. These are wired to 230 watts of continuous power.
The process of passing water of the seven plates which is electrically charged with 230 watts of electricity, - splits the water into the Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging, Alkaline part and the Acidic part. The Anti-Oxidant water is the key to our being able to stay healthy or to prevent the recurrence of cancer!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

How To Look For Early Lung Cancer Symptoms

With an awareness of Lung Cancer rising amongst the western world population and many new initiatives been driven forward to reduce the risk of cancers as a whole, it is understandable that many people (whether they are, have been or haven't smoked) are increasingly worried about ailments and illnesses that may indicate a potential risk of this type of Cancer. Early Lung Cancer symptoms can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, so to the untrained eye, it is entirely possible to go unnoticed or even recognised as something else completely.
We know from medical advances that as with all types of cancer, Lung Cancer carries a much greater probability of a successful and speedy recovery if it caught and diagnosed at an early stage. This is why it is so crucial to be aware of the symptoms that are associated with first having developed the disease. Recent statistics have suggested that those sufferers who identify and seek appropriate treatment in the early stages, can look to have between 60-80% survivability rate, while the figures decrease drastically to approximately 10% for those who are diagnosed in the late stages. So with that in mind, the importance of identifying early lung cancer symptoms as soon as possible is crucial. Here's what you need to look for: