Friday, May 11, 2012

Effective Cancer Awareness Giveaways Maximize Budgets

Organizations that support research and fundraising for causes such as breast cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer and other initiatives use events such as walks and runs to raise awareness and funds. Usually working on a limited budget, event planners are forced to scrutinize every dollar spent. Between venue costs, insurance and public relations, the budget can be strapped when it comes to distributing thank you gifts to participants and awareness reminders to attendees. Custom printed promotional products allow planners to maximize their budgets, making the most out of the allocated resources. The value of promotional products is based on a number of factors; sponsor advertising, viral marketing and donor reward.
Sponsor Advertising - Promotional items used for cancer awareness events can be custom printed with slogans, logos and most important of all, sponsor advertisements. Organizers can supplement the purchase of items such as t-shirts, tote bags and other large format promotions by selling off portions of the imprint area to sponsors. The revenue generated may even surpass the cost of the promotional giveaways, creating additional budget for the event or enhance the contribution from the donors.

Create Billboards - Custom promotional products can carry a design that can elevate them into trendy accessories. Themes such as cancer awareness ribbons and slogans such as "Fight Like a Girl" are popular visuals in popular culture, making a simple promotional gift into a well used item. These "billboards" can become viral, piquing the interest of others who see them and inspiring them to inquire as to where they can get them. The popularity of items such as fashion tote bags, t-shirts and umbrellas featuring an awareness organization logo can find its way into celebrity events, red carpet interviews and other public appearances, resulting in the cause gaining viral mobility.
Reward Donors & Volunteers - Event though the participants and donors contribute to a cause for philanthropic reasons, it is a nice gesture for organizations to say thanks with a small gift of appreciation. This gift can be a low cost promotional product that becomes a cherished souvenir of the awareness event. Custom printed jackets, polo shirts and key tags will live on long after the event as a constant reminder of their generosity and good will. Although these volunteers and contributors do not look for anything in return for their efforts, a budget friendly promotional giveaway will be appreciated with pride.
Investing in promotional products may seem to an organization as a needless expense, but when the positive impact of these giveaways is weighed into the equation, they far surpass the cost. Custom printing an awareness ribbon or logo design on a giveaway creates a far reaching impact that will make the event even more effective, spreading the message and inspiring others to get involved.

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  1. Great post. My sister, mom, grand mom and I are all making shirts tonight with Cancer Awareness ribbons on them. We are doing a Cancer walk at the end of the month. I am trying to get everyone I know to come out. I can't wait!